Best Magnetic Cabinet Locks And Installation Process

When your cute baby learns the art of toddling or walking, they become curious about anything. They want to explore and discover the known and unknown in the house. They often mess with the cabinets and drawers full of essential items in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Hence, it is crucial to keep your kiddo safely away from the harmful materials inside the drawer and cabinet. One way of doing so is to get the best magnetic cabinet locks to baby-proof them.

Also, these safety locks are equally helpful if you have cats or dogs at home. They will notoriously roam around the home and get a hand anywhere they have access. Thus, the magnetic locks will safeguard the kids and pets alike.

The magnetic lock is mostly mounted inside the cabinet and remains concealed. Thus, hidden magnetic cabinet locks protect the valuables from burglary to bring peace of mind too. Here we present you the top seven magnetic locks for securing your cabinets in different places to add convenience and peace in life.

The 7 Best Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Parents often will baby-proof staircase and balconies when their kids start walking or toddling for the very first time. However, many forget about the danger and hazards a cabinet can bring, especially those in a kitchen full of knives, spoons, sharp items, and whatnot!

Hence, it is crucial to safeguard kids from these cabinets as well. And the best way of securing cabinets from kid’s attach is to use magnetic locks. Also, it gives the cabinet an aesthetic look.

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks – Child Safety Locks

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks

These latches are as strong as any screw thanks to their microscopic suction holes and 3M adhesive tapes. This heavy engineering enables the lock to withstand the persistent and strong attempts of your curious toddler. No matter how strong they are, the lock is not going to open.

Thus, cabinet lock will ensure that all dangerous items remain safely away from toddlers and babies. So, you know your kid is safe and you can finally focus on other works. Also, the cabinet lock is entirely hidden inside. So, it enhances the visual appearance of the interior as well.

Moreover, you can forget about screwdrivers and wrenches since the magnetic lock supports the tool-free installation. It will mount easily inside the cabinet and safeguard everything inside. Moreover, its tight design means kids can’t enter their little fingers to dislodge it.

However, you can dislodge it with a flip switch whenever need be. So, it is highly convenient for removing too when it’s not essential anymore.

Highlighted Features:

  • A strong magnetic bond disallows kids to use their finger and dislodge the lock
  • Tool-free installation helps you mount it without any screwdrivers and wrenches
  • Tamperproof design enhances its strength to ensure maximum child protection
  • 3M adhesive tapes last pretty long and can take massive tolls for persistent tries
  • Easily dislodged with the convenient flip switch when you want to remove it

Skyla Homes Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Skyla Homes Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks

The Skyla Home magnetic drawer locks come second on the list for their affordable, discreet, and quick mounting features. It comes in a pack of 12 locks and 2 keys to mount on any furniture at home to safeguard them from kids.

The best part of the lock is its key. It easily reaches up to 2” on wooden blocks and so, usable with all furniture and cabinet models. The lock uses strong 3M adhesive for maximum protection. It will stay in its position despite persistent tries of kids. Also, its compactness makes sure kids can’t enter their fingers to dislodge it from outside.

The installation is tool-free. You should clean the cabinet or drawer surface to boost the longevity of the latch. Also, its tool-free mounting saves furniture from any probable damages. Furthermore, after installation, it remains inside the furniture. So, it doesn’t create any eyesore either at the front side and upkeeps the home aesthetics better.

Highlighted Features:

  • The key can reach up to 2” deep on wood to support lock use on any furniture
  • 3M adhesive ensures increased longevity with an easy mounting facility
  • Its mounting is tool-free and so, there’s no chance of damaging the cabinet
  • The discreet design remains hidden from the outside and boosts home décor
  • Friendly design for adults to lock and unlock the cabinet without any hassle

Vmaisi Magnetic Baby Locks for Cabinets

Magnetic Baby Locks for Cabinets

Do you want to make your cabinet baby-proof without ruining its aesthetics and look? Why not you bring the Vmaisi adhesive magnetic cabinet locks? This simple yet awesome lock will quickly latch on the inside wall of the drawer and cabinet and keep everything inside safe and protected.

It uses 3M adhesive for secure fixing on the wall. The strong magnetic ky\ey works on surfaces from 0.75” inches to 2” without any errors. So, you remain sure that the lock is working and staying in its position without any movement. Use the key to dislodge or open it whenever necessary.

What’s more surprising is that if you can’t find the key and need to open the cabinet immediately, you can use any strong magnet to disintegrate the lock. Using cabinet locks was never so easy. Thus, you enjoy convenience, kids’ safety, and aesthetics with this remarkable magnetic lock.

Highlighted Features:

  • The strong magnet is usable with any drawer and cabinet with thickness 0.75”-2”.
  • The lock fitting inside is possible without tools and in less than a minute
  • Strong adhesive keeps the fixing secure with an enhanced lifespan on surfaces
  • You can open the locks with any strong magnet in case you lose the key
  • User-friendly design for adults to operate the lock and the key without hassles

Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks

You can finally forget about drilling and screws to child-proof the kitchen cabinets with this incredible engineering from Eco-Baby. The magnetic lockset will be a fantastic deal for you to keep your kids safe from hazards and preserve the cabinet aesthetic simultaneously.

It latches on the inside wall of the drawer and cabinet with strong adhesive. And despite the persistence trying of curious toddlers, the latching won’t fall off from the cabinet. Its strong adhesive also means that you won’t need to secure it using screws. So, it keeps the furniture damage-free and the discrete features boost the aesthetic.

The invisible magnetic lock pack comes with pretty impressive supplies too. You get 12 locks, 2 keys, and stronger and thicker magnets. Thus, releasing the lock should be easy. Also, there’s an extra adhesive strip to allow you to repair the lock in case the 3M adhesive fails which is unlikely to happen anyway.

Highlighted Features:

  • The discreet design keeps the lock hidden to improve the home interior greatly
  • Screw and drilling free installation possible with strong 3M adhesive
  • Thicker magnet has the strength to go pass up to 2” wooden surface for locks
  • Easy to integrate and dislodge the lock with magnet for adults
  • Generous packaging includes additional adhesive stripe for occasional repair

Vmaisi Magnetic Locks for Gun Cabinets

Vmaisi Magnetic Cabinet Locks Baby Proofing

This is our second recommendation for the magnetic gun cabinet locks from Vmaisi but it comes with a larger package. It contains 20 locks and 2 keys to allow you to lock more cabinets. Thus, it is a good purchase for those who have multiple cabinets. The mounting of this child-proof cabinet lock is possible without any tools and drilling.

Thereby, you will love how it protects the furniture from damages. And the fact that it remains hidden inside is a nice addition to the home décor. Many locks are installable outside which creates eyesore to ruin the furniture look. This magnetic lock doesn’t have such an issue.

It is workable for up to 2” thick surfaces on the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and stores. Thus, you know that your kid and the valuables inside the cabinet are both safe. What’s more, the connection inside uses 3M adhesive which will remain intact for several seasons under standard room temperature. So, you won’t have to worry about its durability either.

Highlighted Features:

  • The stronger magnet can easily disintegrate the lock without any problem
  • Concealed design of the locks improves the home look and appeal
  • The package includes screws for additional fixing if you want more durability
  • Works on almost all drawers and cabinets at different places of home
  • Concealed design helps to reduce the kids’ curiosity about these latching locks

Enovoe Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks

child safety magnetic cabinet locks

Many parents sacrifice style in their interior for baby-proofing the home. We understand the agony it might bring to you for larger happiness. That’s why we decided to introduce this stylish, concealed, and child-safe magnetic lock for cabinets to you. It stays inside the cabinet doors and gives the home décor a much-waited look while safeguards your kids from the chemicals, staplers, pens, and other harmful elements like a pro.

The best magnetic cabinet lock uses strong adhesive for tool-free installation inside the drawer and cabinet. The adhesive bond is strong and won’t get ruined soon. The magnet is pretty strong too for quick locking and dislodging of the mechanism.

It also has a disengaging lever for even more convenient access inside the cabinet. You just need to push the lever for opening and closing the lock. Thus, the ingenious tool will bring peace of mind for you with ease management of knives, cutlery, and spoons inside the cabinet away from curious kids.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong latching facility with the powerful 3M adhesive tapes
  • Lever on the locks for dislodging them without the magnet
  • Preserves home style with a completely concealed design
  • Installation needs only a few seconds and without any tools
  • Strong magnet works through up to 2” thick surface for great usability

Norjews Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Safety

Norjews Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Safety

Whether you have a toddler or a notorious Bengal cat home, the Norjews magnetic cabinet locks for adults are there to protect them from the elements inside the cabinets. Also, it stops the disorganization of your well-managed items due to the curiousness of kids or pets.

The adhesive used in the locks strongly connects the locks with the interior wall. And the strong magnet works brilliantly up to a 2” surface. The installation doesn’t need any drilling and tools. You can complete it within a few seconds. The locks remain invisible from the outside and it improves the room outlook. Also, its concealed design means you can use them in the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, living, and bedroom.

Moreover, the package comes with additional 3M adhesive tapes. It allows you to reuse the locks after removal from the cabinet and drawers if need be.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great magnetic power to operate through thickened cabinet walls
  • Drilling free and quick installation for a hidden cabinet lock
  • Additional 3M adhesive tapes for reuse of the locks in future
  • Pretty versatile use in all possible locations at home and office
  • Child-safe design won’t allow kids to remove the lock at all

How To Install Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Best Magnetic Cabinet Locks
  • At first, inspect the packaging. It should contain several locks, two keys, latches, and an installation cradle for installation.
  • Choose the installation surface inside the cabinet. You can install the lock on the up, bottom, or in the sides of the cabinet. Use a pencil to mark right where you want to install the locks inside the cabinet
  • Place the installation lock along with the latch right on the installation cradle. It helps you to securely mount the lock in your desired position. Now, peel off the cover of the adhesive.
  • Before you place the lock into the cabinet frame, make sure it is free from dust and debris. So, clean it using a piece of clean cloth.
  • Now mount the entire system into the frame. Then, close the door. The lock should stick to the door automatically. If you find the locking secure and safe, use the key to open the door.
  • Now, remove the installation cradle. Also, store your keys in a safe place away from the reach of kids and pets.
  • When you want to remove the lock, remove the adhesive using commercial adhesive remover or acetone. Then, you can reuse it at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cabinet locks with a magnet work on drawers?
Yes, the magnetic cabinet locks also work perfectly in the drawers. You can mount them inside the drawer and cabinet sideways, an upper or bottom section at ease.

How do I keep away my toddler and kids away from the cabinets?
You can use Velcro, sliding, or pull cord locks to safeguard toddlers from the cabinet. But these items create eyesores as these are mounted outside. A magnetic lock keeps toddlers away from it and ensures the aesthetic of the cabinet.

How do childproof cabinets?
There’re multiple ways to childproof the cabinet and drawers. The best method is to use the cabinet locks so you can keep the aesthetics easily. Also, it is removable whenever you want and is reusable which is worth the money.

How can I open a magnetic cabinet lock?
First off, find the cabinet knob and push the door with firm power. Then, you should use the magnetic lock key to unlock the magnet. If it locks doesn’t open you need to adjust the strike point of the magnetic lock.

Final Words

The magnetic cabinet doors are great for securing drawers and cabinets from kids. Thus, these seven best magnetic cabinet locks will help you baby-proof the cabinets for their safety. Also, it helps you keep everything in order and avoid the mess created by toddlers or pets.

The best part of these locks is their concealed installation. It remains inside the cabinet and improves the home décor. Also, these items don’t need any drilling either. You can follow out installation guidelines to quickly mount the locks and enjoy the security. Also, the locks are reusable as you can remount them by just adding the adhesive. Thus, you will love how these simple tool changes your home management and helps you in making the space child-safe.

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